Known Issues

There are several known issues relating to Moodle and other supplementary software options.  
  1. Whole forum grading
    Currently, the Whole Forum Grading interface for Moodle forums displays students that have been suspended from the course.  Although these students are displayed in the grading interface, they do not have access to the Moodle course site. This issue has been reported on the Moodle website.  A tracker for this issue can be found here: 

  2. Max grade in ratings
    The maximum grade for a Moodle forum cannot be updated once ratings have been assigned for that forum.  Normally, Moodle allows instructors to change the maximum grade and recalibrate grades according to the new maximum.  At this time the maximum grade is locked and cannot be changed.  For this reason, it is important to make sure that the maximum grade is correctly set before entering any ratings for that forum.

  3. User session issues in Hypothesis
    Hypothesis is currently encountering an issue in which users that click on a Moodle external LTI link to some Hypothesis article are not able to access the group interface that allows students to interact with other members of the class including the instructor. This issue occurs only on websites that use the Hypothesis web app and is due to a incompatibility issue between the Hypothesis LTI app and their web app.  Hypothesis is aware of this issue and is working on a solution. As a temporary workaround, Hypothesis recommends that instructors save articles on problematic sites as PDFs, store them on their Google Drive, and then connect from Moodle to the articles on Google Drive by following these steps:

    1. Using Chrome, go to the page you want to use
    2. Click on 3 dots in upper right and select Print
    3. For destination, select Save to Google Drive and then Save
    4. I would recommend repeating the above for all of the readings and then relocate them to one folder in Google Drive with share settings set to Public, just to make the process more efficient
    5. Create an external tool Hypothesis link in Moodle
    6. After the tool is created, click on the link to Open in New Window and select Select PDF from Google Drive
    7. Choose your MC account
    8. Select the desired PDF

  4. Edpuzzle Browser Issues
    Edpuzzle is currently experiencing an issue in which instructors encounter intermittent errors when using Chrome or Microsoft Edge to create Edpuzzle assignments using the Edpuzzle tool in Moodle.  This issue has been reported to Edpuzzle.  As a temporary workaround, it is recommended that users use Firefox or Safari when connecting from Moodle to Edpuzzle.