How can students ask questions during a quiz using Lockdown Browser?

If you want students to be able to ask questions in Lockdown mode, you can use the Moodle chat feature. 

The steps in purple allow you to set up individual chats so that students can't see each other's questions. If you don't mind the students seeing each other's questions and your answers, you can skip these steps.
  • Go to Participants
  • Click on the gear icon and select Groups
  • Click Auto-create groups
  • For Auto create based on select Members per group
  • For Group/member count enter 1
  • Scroll down and click Submit
The create the chat do this:
  • Click Add an activity or resource and select Chat
  • Give the chat a name.  The rest of the settings can remain as the defaults except for Common module settings
  • Under Common module settings, change Group mode to Separate groups 
  • Scroll down and click Save and display 
  • Right click/CTRL click Click here to enter the chat now and select Copy Link Address
To connect the quiz to the chat do this:
  • In the quiz, paste the previously copied link.  It can be within a "description" item in the quiz (this is one of the question type options) or within the body of a question
  • With the link URL selected, click the link button:

  • When the Create link window comes up, paste the URL (again) in the Enter a URL box if it isn't already listed there. Select checkbox for Open in new window
Your chat and quiz are now ready to use.

If you already have groups in your course and you're following the instructions above to create individual chats:
  • Create a grouping
  • Add the one-student groups you created above to the grouping
  • When you set up the chat, under Common module settings, change Group mode to Separate groups as above but also set Grouping to the name of the grouping containing your one-student groups.