How can I shuffle the order of my quiz questions?

 If you want to shuffle all the questions in your quiz, so that each students gets the same questions but in a different order:

  • From your main course page, click the name of the quiz.  When you're on the landing page for the quiz, click the gear menu and choose Edit quiz

  • On the Edit quiz screen, just check the Shuffle box

You can also divide your quiz into sections.  Shuffling questions is done on a per-section basis.  For example, you can choose to have a section of warmup questions whose order are shuffled, followed by a section of advanced questions that are shuffled.  Doing so prevents advanced questions from appearing too early in the quiz.  Alternatively, you can have sections of questions that are shuffled and other sections that aren't shuffled:

  • At the beginning of any page, click the Add menu and choose a new section heading

  • This will add a Shuffle box at the top of the new section that you can click to shuffle the questions in that section.  If you want to give your section a title, click the pencil icon (seen next to "New heading" below), enter your title, and hit the Enter key when finished.