How can I update all of the due dates for my course quickly?

You can use the Dates Report to set multiple due dates at once.

To set due dates for individual assignments follow these steps:

  • Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of screen
  • Select More from the list of options
  • Under Reports click Dates
  • Using the Activity type dropdown menu, select Assignments
  • Click Expand All
  • Choose a due date for each assignment. If the due dates for an assignment are grayed out, you will need to click on Enable to the right of the due date to enable this option. Be aware that if you copied the assignment from a previous offering of the class, the year may need to be updated in addition to the month and day.
  • The Allow submissions from and Cut-off date may remain disabled
  • Click Save changes

You can use the Activity type dropdown to select and update dates for other module types such as quizzes and Turnitin Assignments also.