How can I change my background in Google Meet?

Google Meet does not include alternate backgrounds in the native application, but you can achieve this functionality by installing a separate program on your computer.

For PC users, one popular program is Chromacam: The free version includes a small watermark that is relatively unobtrusive. You can also purchase an upgraded version for $30. Once you download and install the software, you can use it to select from a variety of backgrounds and filters.  From within Meet, you will then go into settings to select Chromacam as your camera and then any background or effect that you set in Chromacam will appear in your webcam feed. 

For both PC and Mac users, an alternative option is Snap Camera. Snap Camera is more of a novelty tool (it comes from the same company as SnapChat), but it does have a wide variety of backgrounds and some can be used for professional purposes. Users should be aware that not all backgrounds and filters are appropriate for professional or educational settings, so it is important to vet any of the filters before using them during class. Similar to Chromacam, you will download and install the software and will then have the option to choose Snap Camera as your webcam in Google Meet.