How can I setup Google Meet to facilitate small group discussions?

For Google Meets it is suggested that faculty use one meeting link for each class for the rest of the semester. If you want to have small group discussions, you will set up an additional Google Meet link for each group.  You can create multiple Google Meet links by going to and then clicking Join or Start a meeting and copying the URL from the top of the browser. Exit out and repeat for each meeting link you need. It is a good idea to post the links on your Moodle site so that everyone is straight on where to go for various purposes.  For example:


When it is time for the groups to meet, instruct students to join their group meeting and you as the instructor can pop into the group meetings by clicking on the links, going in and out as needed. If you want to reconvene with the whole class, give students instructions to let them know what time they should return to the general class Meet.  It is also recommended that you assign a timekeeper to each group to be responsible for keeping everyone on schedule and in the correct location.